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The Art Of Ninja-Do

Our Mission

Ninja-Do is a unique form of sports and self-defence, which combines various form of martial arts techniques from around the world. The word “Ninja-Do” is a derivation from its Chinese character meaning:

Nin - Tolerance, Patience and Perseverance

Ja - Cultivation of personal character

Do - Art of self-development and training

1 To promote a Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Living through Martial Arts Training Programmes.

2 To inculcate into members, the traditional values of Respect, Patience, Perseverance and Discipline.

3 To offer members a more practical form of combination Martial Arts Sports Training without eroding its Traditional Values.

4 To promote Social Cohesiveness and Friendship and Understanding among members.

Association's Profile
Ninja-Do Association (Singapore), termed NAS is a martial art organization registered under Registry of Society, Republic of Singapore.

It is also an approved entity under the Peoples’ Association, Singapore. NAS currently conduct martial arts courses at various Community Clubs, Residents’ Committee and education institutions in Singapore.

Contact Informations
However, for enquiries relating to trainings and enrolment, interested participants are requested to seek the Duty Instructors at our Training Centres during the stated training day and time. Or email the info@newman-asu.org to aquire the infomations you need, at home.

FAQ page is up for your convinience too.

* Please include your home address in the email so that we can allocate the nearest training centers to you.

Electronic mail:
Enquires : info@newman-asu.org

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